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Think of CareCar as the New Model

CareCar is a technology and health services company, currently focused on transforming the non-emergency transportation industry.

We partner with healthcare organizations across the US to improve outcomes and reduce risk by using our Platform to manage supplemental benefits for Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial populations.

A place to access personalized and reliable care. Today.

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If you or a loved one is in need of a transport to or from a healthcare facility – simply click the button below. It doesn’t matter if you have healthcare coverage or not. We’re here to help.

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Are you or a loved one struggling with the simple things in live, groceries, bathing, or even accessing things in your home that you need? We can help – simple click the link below and we are there.

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Become a Care Partner today and do something meaningful for the world.

If you are care about humans, are 21 years or older, and your vehicle meets our requirements. We would love to meet with you. CareCare is not just about delivering access to supplemental healthcare to those who need it most, it’s about being a pat of a community. If you are tired of the daily run around, want to work your own schedule and believe you can help others. This is for you. Simply click below to get in touch and we will grow together.

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A Better Path to Care

Health Plans

We do more for you and your members so you can worry less. Our model reduces risk and unnecessary costs while improving health outcomes and member satisfaction/retention. With real-time monitoring, advanced analytics, and a virtual marketplace of certified drivers we can manage & deliver a better benefit experience for your members.

  • Real-time Monitoring

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Certified Drivers

  • Happier Members


Enjoy 24/7 support, last minute scheduling, door-to-door service, preferred drivers/vehicles, and much more. With CareCar, transportation is no longer a barrier to care. Contact us today to find out more and how we can help.

  • 24/7 Support

  • Last Minute Scheduling

  • Door-to-door service

  • Driver/Vehicle Preferences


Are you a CNA, MA, interested in starting a new career in healthcare, or just looking for additional income? Sign up – get certified as CareCar Driver today, and earn $21 on average working to improve the health of your community. Are you an existing NEMT provider? Partner with us and see how our platform can help you grow your business.

  • Earn More

  • Flexible Work with Purpose

  • Serve Your Community

  • Grow Your Business

Learn more about CareCar through the “Why I Care” series – Part I

Our Mission

Built on Care

At CareCar, our mission is to be the most reliable and enjoyable component of the care continuum, and to add value whenever & wherever possible.

We built our platform with the belief that every patient encounter should be treated with the same kind of care, consideration, and compassion one would have for their own loved ones.

How It Works

Trips can be requested via
  • Telephone
  • Online
  • Mobile App
Eligibility and Benefits are Confirmed
Requests are stratified and organized by
  • Location
  • Appointment Type
  • Medical Profiles
  • And More
Trips are assigned to qualified carecar drivers based on
  • Availability
  • Distance
  • Health Training
  • Vehicle Appropriateness
Transportation is provided on time

“I can’t believe how caring and attentive my driver was…”

- CareCar Member

“Wonderful service! Recommended!”

- CareCar Member

“Thank you for wonderful service!”

- CareCar Member
We Offer a Better Path to Care